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Bipolar Bear

by Victoria M. Remmel 

Bipolar Bear is a rhyming picture book to help families (and anyone!) talk about mental health. 

Sometimes Polar Bear finds himself at the bright North Pole or the dreary South Pole. Using tools he either finds on his own or with the help of his family, he's able to make his way back to his home. Includes cut-out flashlight and sunglasses in the back to help give a voice to those who need it in difficult times. 


Victoria M. Remmel

"Bipolar Bear began as a book I wrote for my family. My husband has bipolar disorder. When we were pregnant with our first son, we knew it was something we wanted to talk about from a young age. Thus Bipolar Bear was born!


"I hope it helps other people as much as it has helped our family, and together we can break the stigma around talking about mental health."


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An Excellent Resource

"An excellent resource for families, mental health professionals, and educators. The warm and compassionate tale provides information in a safe, loving manner with the use of clear language and soft illustrations. It is a powerful tool to develop empathy and decrease the stigma around mental health across generations and cultures."

Dr. A. Campbell, Ed.D.

School psychologist

 "I love your book!  I have worked with kids and individuals with emotional disabilities and mental health concerns for most of my career and your book made me cry- I wish it would have been around years ago.  I’m getting a copy for our library at the office and will be telling everyone on my circles about it, including the local school systems. My daughter who has Autism and other disabilities, told me several of her friends would like it, would want it, needed it so that was a resounding endorsement for me."

Marie S.

Mental Health America of Fredericksburg

"This book is very well written to help young children with the ups and downs of having a bipolar person in their lives. The artistry is also breathtaking, keeping the kids engaged throughout the story. Really great tool to help young children understand a little better dealing with different emotions."

Jennifer D.

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